McPEAKE’s music nods to the past generations of the iconic McPeake Family but has journeyed to new territory; from their mix of Folk, Indie, Trad, Americana music; they’ve created TradPop!
Mixing heart-pumping instrumentals and heart-stirring lyrics with innovative use of traditional instruments alongside contemporary song writing; they create a new perspective on an old genre.
The McPeake Family have been whispered as ‘folk-royalty.’ Their beloved song “Wild Mountain Thyme” has been on the lips of music lovers across the globe. This hauntingly beautiful folk anthem has been covered by music superstars such as Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan, to name a few.
Francis McPeake I, penned ‘Wild Mountain Thyme;’ Francis McPeake II influenced Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan etc; Francis McPeake III taught John Lennon the Uilleann Pipes; and now the latest generation have formed McPEAKE who recently appeared in the EMMY Award-winning PBS Special “Music of Ireland.