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One for the Foxes

Dance content in an educational setting

One for the Foxes present a fun and exciting, interactive dance workshop centered around the social dances of Ireland and also the percussive step-dancing styles of Ireland and Cape Breton, Canada.

Irish dancing has many strands and has evolved into a highly technical dance form. Although influenced by competition culture and the phenomenon that is “Riverdance”, it has also to this day maintained its social qualities off the stage. Irish Céilí dancing, specifically, is a form of group dancing that has its origins in the French quadrilles and has adapted over time to be accompanied by traditional Irish music.

One for the Foxes will introduce students to the céilí dancing of Ireland, incorporating some of the history of the dances, touching on related dance styles, and demonstrating the close relationship between Irish music and Irish dance.

Dave Curley has over 25 years of dance experience, placing 4th in the World Irish Dancing Championships for group céilí dancing and 6th in the World Irish dancing championships in solo competition. For 12 years he performed as part of Galway-based dance show, “Siamsa na Gaillimhe”, and was an instructor of Irish dance at the Music and Dance Academy in State College, PA for 4 years.

Complimenting Dave’s Irish dance prowess, additional perspectives are brought by Joanna Hyde, who has studied both Irish and Cape Breton step dance styles, and Tadhg Ó Meachair, who spent the early years of his professional music career performing with céilí bands in Ireland.

This workshop will aim to engage participants in new material and provide an added perspective for students of other dance backgrounds.

A wealth of knowledge and experience to share

Tadhg Ó Meachair
• M.A. Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

Joanna Hyde
• M.A. Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick
• B.A. Music, Colorado College
• Berklee College of Music

David Curley
• B.A. Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick

Past educational presentations include

• Florida State University, FL
• Belmont University, TN
• Walters State CC, TN
• Volunteer State CC, TN
• Chattanooga State CC, TN
• Arkansas State University, AR
• University of Arkansas, AR
• Henderson University, AR
• University of Louisiana, LA
• Kentucky School of Bluegrass, Hayden, KY
• Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, Morehead State, KY
• University of Limerick, Ireland
• Loutit District Library, Grand Haven, MI
• Huerfano County Public Schools, Colorado

One for the Foxes is an exceptional selection for colleges, universities and other situations. Their virtuosity, credentials, experience and passion combine for an inspiring, educational and enjoyable musical interaction.